Conference 21–22 July 2023
Venues: Audimax, Foyer Audimax, Library lounge
Bauhaus University Weimar, Steubenstraße 6, 99423 Weimar

Admission: free
Registration deadline: 7 July 2023

Day 1. Morning, 21 July 2023
Live stream

9.00 Registration & Coffee / Foyer Audimax

9.30 Welcome Remarks
• Mindaugas Gapševičius & Marinos Koutsomichalis / Audimax

9.45 Keynote / Audimax
Ursula Damm: Non-machines Meet Art

10.45 Session I: Towards An Aesthetics of Maker Culture / Audimax
Verena Kuni. TROUSSE DU NAUFRAGÉ: A Toolkit of Found Philosophical Toys
Yvonne Volkart. Technologies of Care: To M-other a Plant
Mindaugas Gapševičius. Towards Aesthetics of Maker Culture

12.15 Workshop I (Registration needed) / Library lounge
Klaus Fritze. Lichenlounge

Day 1. Afternoon, 21 July 2023

13.30 Session II. Emerging data* / Audimax
Alexander König. The end of logic and the metaphysical emergence out of data
Mattis Kuhn. Self-Driving Futures
Mona Hedayati. Eventing Human-Machine Affectivity: Listen, Eat, Repeat

15.00 Session III. Creative hybrid networks / Library lounge
Ivan Iovine. Designing Speculative Nonhuman-robot Scenarios: An Artistic Approach
Jascha Hagen. Alter Piano // 6 Compositions for 12 digitally controlled electromotors inside a grand piano
Luis Fernando Medina Cardona. Ritmo 2021: a distributed abstract experimental short movie based on computer code as a result of hybrid interactions

16.00 Session IV. DIY & DIWO / Library lounge
Marinos Koutsomichalis. Machines of Sentient Resonance
Teresa G. Georgallis. Digitally Handmade: Mapping out a maker’s approach to emerging technologies
Eva Korae. A laser (non) cutter, or how (not) to make scrambled eggs

Day 2. Morning, 22 July 2023
Live stream

9.00 Registration & Coffee / Foyer Audimax

9.30 Opening Remarks / Audimax
• Johanna Reckewerth

9.40 Keynote / Audimax
Kristupas Sabolius. The Technics of Compossibility

10.45 Session V. Multi-species connections / Audimax
Lyndsey Walsh. Body & AI: Breaking the Binaries
Shuntaro Yoshida & Alex Viteiri. Navigating Choreography Between the Human and the Non-human: Collective Practice and Disobedient Movements
Johanna Reckewerth. Multi-species connections

12.15 Workshop II (Registration needed) / Library lounge
David Tann. The Arcane Alchemist: Unleashing the Fool for Human-AI Synergy 

Day 2. Afternoon, 22 July 2023

13.30 Session VI. Care in Creative Practices / Library lounge
Marinos Koutsomichalis. Care in Creative Practices
Eric Lewis. Care for Machines as a form of self-care: erasing the self-human/other-machine divide
Jenny Pickett. Do it with others : methodology for an “aesthetics of care” in artistic production
Yiannis Colakides. Learning Care

15.00 Session VII. Everyday design solutions / Library lounge
Yu Zhang. “Seriously Being That Furniture”: Design Moments for Healing
Valeria Castillo. My iPhone is my mother
Yiorgis Sakellariou. Navigating in the Multiverse: Possibilities and Limitations of Creative Practices in Online Environments

16.00 Session VIII. Investigative Uses of Data / Library lounge
Shahriar Assadi. An ongoing inquiry of the relationship between technology, humans and extraction
Rose Butler. Special Operations: Deploying artists’ methods in investigative practices
Florian Kuhn and Erik Esso. Blurred Boundaries: Human, Machine, and the Posthuman World

* Update June 21, 2023: Christl Baur unfortunately had to withdraw her contribution