Rodrigue Saad: The Great Balancing Act

Through this project, Rodrigue Saad explores the relationship between personal agency and self-expression within the colonial paradigm of the self. He seeks out to blur the lines between the inner and outer worlds, emphasizing the need for self deconstruction in order to unearth new narratives and perspectives. With the help of some programming technology, he is able to take control over his own experiences and aspirations, as he organizes his personal journals and recites them in hopes of gaining a sense of inner structure and balance.

Rodrigue Saad (born 1996) is a Lebanese multimedia artist and creative director based in Germany, where he is currently obtaining a Master of Arts degree at the Bauhaus-Universit├Ąt Weimar. Through his work, he often deals with topics of identity by blending the observational with the surreal, the social commentary with the self exploration.