Postcolonial research group

Mudassir Sheikh (PK), Juan Sebastian Alvarado Prince (CO), Rodrigue Saad (LB)

Much of the current discussion on reclaiming and reconciliation practices that fall under the broad banner of “de-colonizing” looks to technology as a solution. Especially, but not exclusively, with the peaked fascination with AI. And yet, these quick tech fixes and automations often end up blurring the gap and discrepancies of the postcolonial era, if not exacerbating them due to preexisting cultural biases embedded in codes and databases. The video films within the collection include: Going Inwards by M. Sheikh, Homeland by J. Prince and The Great Balancing Act by R. Saad.

Mudassir Sheikh is an MFA student in Media, Art, and Design at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. He has a primary interest in storytelling, which encompasses sound art, music, and video. His practice, rooted in research, revolves around exploring decolonial in-between spaces related to sacred and the ordinary, collective identities, internet, and humor.

Sebastian Prince is a Colombian photographer based in Paris. Together with Florian Hildebrandt, they form the duo of photographers and directors „Kapturing“.

Rodrigue Saad (born 1996) is a Lebanese multimedia artist and creative director based in Germany, where he is currently obtaining a master of arts degree at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. Through his work, he often deals with topics of identity by blending the observational with the surreal, the social commentary with the self-exploration.