Paolo Podrescu aka Podinski. XLt presents CiTiZEN KiNO 98: Music is Our (analog) Weapon

The XLterrestrials arts and praxis group have been developing a critical analysis of the disruptive, invasive and predatory “Technospheres” for the last couple of decades. 

One of the projects we have constructed as a community response to the current multiple crises is our CiTiZEN KiNO series, which re-formats the traditional social-gathering cinema environment into an expanded tool to counter all this cubicle-ization and disembodiment of sharing information in the digital era. We interpret this as an unacceptable mutation of human communications and a highly toxic techno-colonial predicament. So we transform watching films and+ media into interactive experiences. C-Kino events are a mix of cinema-hacking, a situationist cybernetic-spectacle dissection, and a performative, contagious and subversive Happening/Action. 

In this episode, we propose – as a starting point – taking back music from all the new encroachments of web logics, AI, Algorithms, and Machine-capture industries. Through a variety of curated media from music artists, indy media makers, critical theorists, anarchists and hacker agitators, we will investigate together what arts + skills + tools + social movements can empower us in a volatile Techno-dystopia and a “Mechanomorphism” that endangers our terrestrial well-being, our habitats and our livelihoods. And we’ll plant a few seeds for “radical futurisms” ( a la TJ Demos ) and a new music + praxis for tomorrow ! We shout: deviate to liberate!

Paolo Podrescu (aka Podinski) is a community organism, writer, vj/dj/xj and co-founder of the XLterrestrials, an arts + praxis laboratory. With a background in theater, music and media arts, he has created work in collaboration with Transmediale, Piranha Events, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Kulturbrauerei, Haus Der Kulturen, Arena Berlin, Globale Festival, Chaos Communications Congress, C-Base, Regenbogenfabrik, Giraff Graff Co., Artists Television Access, Ars Electronica and many others.