Lisa Albrecht: ECHO

THU 7.9. 16:00 – 16:30 POSTCITY, Campus | Performance

ECHO is a performed dialog between a human voice and an artificial voice. First, a human talks in a zoom call. Answers are short, but still form the impression of a strategy meeting. The video of the recorded call is played back. However, now the other side of the conversation (AI voice) is audible as well. The certainty of the answer to “Who echoes whom?” is dissolved, since the spectator realizes now that the human voice was always only echoing the last syllables of the artificial voice.

Lisa Albrecht uses the media of sound, language and radio in a narrative way, transforming research into a story. Her participative feature Gegenwärtiger Zustand: Europa/ Current Situation:Europe was nominated in the Category “Rising Star Student Award” at the Prix Europa 2021.