Kristin Jakubek: Networked Beings – Parameters and Parallels

Audio-visual installation


Networked Beings – Parameters and Parallels is a film and immersive video installation, showing a speculative take on non-human forms of “being” and processing the world, developed in an interdisciplinary exchange with the sciences of biology and AI research. The film’s narrative focuses on implicitly criticizing the limitations and biases of typical datasets used within the expansive field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning , by introducing a thought-provoking “counter design” of a possible, different dataset for such processes. 

The speculative dataset consists of the subjective “first-person” point-of-view of ten different animals, cinematically interpreting their scientifically researched audio-visual perceptions. 

The film unfolds in a visual dialog where the expansiveness of the natural world is countered by the deconstructed, data-processing performed by an AI neural network. By means of the un-habitual, both animal and machine, non-human perspectives, the viewer is urged to consider: Can a dataset ever convey the true nature of nature?  Or: Are there unknowables that should not be forgotten along the way of giving AI models more authority and real-world decision-making influence in the future?

Kristin Jakubek is a media-artist and video director. Her practice focuses on video and digital image-making, recently encompassing AI related tools, themes and generative processes. With a strong research and concept driven approach, her lens- and screen-based work seeks out new formats of storytelling and world-building. The sculptural works manifest out of a quest for the immediacy of the physical materials to invoke tangible emotions in the space. Both address themes of alienation and severance from nature, bodily perception and pertinent technologies. Born in Germany, raised in the US, she has just received her MFA with honours in Media Art and Design from Bauhaus-University Weimar.