Kristin Jakubek: Networked Beings – Parameters and Parallels

Networked Beings – Parameters and Parallels’ is an immersive video-installation, showing a visual dialog between two distinctly non-human forms of ‘being’ and processing the world. By countering the deconstructed, data-processing of an AI Neural Network with a speculative dataset of animal perceptions – hinting at the expansiveness of the natural world -, the narrative implicitly criticises the inherent limitations of typical image-datasets used within the field of Machine Learning AI today.

Kristin Jakubek is an emerging media artist and video director, who specialises in digital image-making, video art and installation forms of world-building. In her work she uses non-human subjects to investigate the state of being human. Born in Germany, raised in the US, she now holds an MFA in Media Art and Design from Bauhaus-University Weimar.