Johanna Reckewerth: A Sea Dive Into Embodied Epistemology

Do 7. Sep 2023 17:00 – 17:30

If there is any chance for humans to survive on the planet, it is to work together on a paradigm shift that requires radical rethinking. How can we use our bodies as tools to shift our perspectives & enhance consciousness of multi-species relations? This lecture performance introduces alternative knowledge production beyond the construction of a cartesian body/mind dualism in order to challenge dominant narratives of human exceptionalism, dualisms and western rationality as the ultimate truth.

Johanna Reckewerth is a writer and researcher passionate about bringing queer-feminist and posthuman perspectives into the discourse. She has a background in urban studies at Bauhaus University Weimar and social science at UvA Amsterdam. Her research interests include care ethics, multi-species entanglements and embodied knowledge production.