Gabriel S Moses. Artists for future

Performative essay Video Presentation


A three-part video-based artist lecture to end all artist lectures. Artistic research has become the new way for artists to be taken seriously in academia. Yet this comes at the expense of their persona. It often has them masquerading as versed intellectuals, adhering to standards foreign to their practice and using tongue-twisting jargon, cultivating their impostor syndrome. It’s almost like there are two people on stage – simultaneously on display while hiding behind the podium.

Although Gabriel S Moses is reviled as “an overgrown teenager with a receding hairline”, he still managed to bag a DAAD scholarship for his PhD at Bauhaus University Weimar. He is the co-editor of the journals Working Titles and Kalypso, the co-founder of the ArtUp Nation think tank, and the mind behind the wellness community, Desperately Seeking.