Cosmo Schüppel: electro|botanic

Reactive sound installation

16.07.2022 / summaery2022 / Bauhaus-Universität Weimar / Marienstraße / Foto: Henry Sowinski


Recent studies suggest that plants are able to experience electromagnetic fields and react to them. The movement-responsive sound installation electro|botanic speculates upon this perception of plants. Through sonification, humans can interact with the plant’s perception fields. The possibility that plants can experience human presence is a form of Science Fiction. A speculation upon a scientific discovery that would create a shift in human perception, and THE conception of reality.

Cosmo Schüppel is a Weimar-based Media Art student researching the crossroads of performativity, non-human agency, perception ecology and the power of imagination. His works follow a transcendental approach that identifies the “hidden” in everyday life and incorporates sound, participatory performance, installation and improvisation.