Belçim Yavuz, Valeriia Shakova: Sense Or?

SUN 10.9. 16:30 – 17:00 POSTCITY, Campus | Performance

Sense Or? is an interdisciplinary project combining interactive media and performance art. Drawing an analogy between the aftereffects of individual experience of trauma and collective experience of censorship, the project plays around the concepts of self-censorship, aesthetics of censorship, the oppressed and oppressor, being silent and silencing. Through an interactive medium, can we discover ways of connecting and create a possibility for collective healing in a ritualistic manner?

Belçim Yavuz is an interdisciplinary artist with a background in dance and architecture, working in fields like performance art/dance/design. Her current work includes new media tools like sensors, animation design and interactive design. She combines these interactive digital media environments with movement, space, and performativity.

Valeriia Shakhova, born and raised in Siberia, is pursuing her master’s of arts at Bauhaus University Weimar in Media Art and Design. After graduating from the same university with a bachelor’s degree in product design, she specializes in interaction and exhibition design, using a wide array of tools and approaches to create intuitive, engaging works.