Amelia Eickhoff: Smell as a form of communication



This project entails an exploration of the societal conditioning surrounding our aversion to certain odors. A significant aspect of this phenomenon can be attributed to established human standards of hygiene, which have evolved in response to the sedentary lifestyles and socioeconomic disparities prevalent within our communities. It is worth noting that various body odors and pheromones serve as means of conveying information about our health, initially serving as a vital factor in assessing the reproductive potential of individuals. To elucidate this concept, a device has been conceptualized to establish a connection between the olfactory senses of individuals and the anatomical regions that harbor the most informative olfactory stimuli. This mechanism would selectively expose the individual to inherently “unpleasant” odors while minimizing the influence of other senses, with a particular emphasis on visual, haptic and auditory cues, as they are intimately associated with olfactory perception. As for now, as a consequence of historical developments, this mode of sensory exchange has become highly fetishized and devalued within society.

Sophia Amelia Eickhoff is an artist from Weimar, Germany. In her studies, she focuses on perception and perception comparison through art, design and technology.